Mr color thinner substitute

Mr color thinner substitute

This weekend I airbrushed Tru-Color paint for the first time. I really like the result and the color choices. According to their website, Tru-Color paint is a re-formulated version of Accupaint, which supposedly flows better and gives a glossier finish when dry. In my opinion, the former "improvement" was unnecessary, while the later one is undesireable - Accupaint's finish is perfect for decaling.

However, you may want to try lacquer thinner - I use it whenever airbrushing Accupaint, with good results. Also great for cleaning out the airbrush well.

One quart can should last you through a lot of paint jobs. Hard to beat. I'm still working on a pint from and I'm amost out of Accu-Paint. Hope the new stuff works as well.

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mr color thinner substitute

In Our Store. Current Issue.Am using Mr. Color for the first time Tire Black and can't seem to thin it without having it develop clumps and getting all gooey. I believe it's an acrylic so have been using Tamiya X thinner. What the heck's going on? Is this stuff not acrylic or do I need something else?

Hataka Lacquer thinner 100ml

Mr Color uses a lacquer base and is not like a conventional acrylic. A lacquer thinner like Tamiya lacquer thinner or Gunze's Mr Color thinner is recommended, though generic lacquer thinners will also work but which may be harsher. Tamiya's and Gunze's lacquer thinners are formulated for styrene and will not usually dissolve the plastic.

Thanks to you as well mate. I'll pick up the stuff you recommended as I assume it'll work the best. It's a common misconception that "acrylic" means "water based" - it doesn't. By definition, an acrylic paint cures by a process of plolymerisation aka formation of long-chain molecules of a class of chemical compounds known as acrylates to form acrylic polymers. All of the abovementioned paint lines can be thinned using Tamiya lacquer thinner not XA or Gunze's Mr Color thinner. Though they are not available in all countries, Tamiya's enamels can also be thinned using these thinners.

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Try some Laquer thinner I bet you will find that will do the trick. Thanks so much, I was starting to think I was going to have to redo the darn thing! Member since August From: Sydney, Australia. Posted by mikeymize on Thursday, July 28, AM. Posted by randypandy on Sunday, July 31, AM. Posted by randypandy on Monday, August 1, PM. By signing up you may also receive reader surveys and occasional special offers. We do not sell, rent or trade our email lists.Forgot your password?

By aaajinJanuary 22, in The Workshop! Hi, my question is I tried thinner but the result was a disaster It even looks like that the primer does not dissolve even a little bit into the thinner. May I know what actually went wrong?

Mr. Color - Thinner

Does Mr Surfacer actually mix well with thinner Im using odorless thinner? If not, may I know the correct way to thin Mr Surfacer? You don't mix Mr. Surfacer with anything at all, you simply shake well then use.

I presume you got the paint on version, not the powder form You mix thinner will ruin it. After you paint it on, let it dry then sand away. Can anybody direct me to a place that carrys Mr. I've looked every where and can't find it. I tried using regular laquer thinner once, and it clumped up a bit when I tried airbrushing it I use it as a primer all the time. The best stuff to use is Gunze Sangyo's Mr.

Color Thinner. It can be kinda hard to find, but there's a couple hobby shops near me that carry it. Most mail order hobby sites in japan won't ship the stuff, but I've seen a couple american sites that will. As far as I know you don't thin Mr.

Surfacer you use Mr.It is the best thinner to use with Mr. Warning: Postage restrictions apply to these items, they are therefore only for mainland UK customers.

Product Compare 0. Supplied in a ml plastic bottle Mr. Color Thinner is an excellent product with multiple uses Mr Color Thinner Supplied in a ml plastic bottle Mr.

Color Thinner is an excellent produ. Rapid thinner is a new type of thinner dedicated to the Mr. Color lacquor. Replenishing Agent used to restore dried Mr. COLOR paint. Aqueous Thinner Will only thin the Aqueous range of Mr Hobby paints and tamiya paints, it will n. Aqueous Thinner Will only thin the Aqueous range of Mr. Color Thinner is an excellent product with multiple uses: Thin Mr Surfacer liquid filler for application using an airbrush and for clean-up of brushes and tools after applying Mr Surfacer.

If applied with a brush over areas painted in error, it will remove all paint including metal colours down to the original surface without removing any filler. As a cleaner for airbrushes. As a cleaner for your paint brushes. Sort By:. Add to Cart. Rapid Thiiner Rapid thinner is a new type of thinner dedicated to the Mr.Cybermodeler Online.

There I was one sleepless night cruising through YouTube videos and I happened across a subject that caught my eye - making your own acrylic thinner. HobbyVallejo, Italeri, and Akan don't try this with Testors Acryl, it took some time to clean the resulting goo from my airbrush. Using alcohol was okay when I was single, but using alcohol today will get some less-than-polite feedback from my wife.

I've discussed this with some knowledgeable folks who thin their acrylics with water or windshield washer fluid. The few times I've tried water were enough to keep me on the alcohol path sounds like W. Fields, doesn't it? I've been using Tamiya acrylic thinner which has worked fine to date except for Testors Acryl but between price and availability, it was becoming a problem. He recommends an interesting mixture that merited a test. I use The third ingredient is a few drops of Acrylic Flow Improver to remove surface tension of the fluid you might have heard of folks using a drop of dish soap for the same purpose.

The final ingredient is Acrylic Fluid Retarder which slows down the drying time of acrylics and keeps your paint in fluid form when it hits the model and doesn't dry at the airbrush tip or in the air enroute to the model.

I made up a mixture of water and alcohol using the proportions above, then added around 10 ml of Flow Improver and 10 ml of Fluid Retarder for this test batch. Hobby and Akan acrylics, all thinned with this mixture.

The paint responded extremely well out of my airbrush. I did try a few shots of acrylics straight out of their bottles to see the difference in performance.

There was indeed a difference! The resulting thinner mixture smells about the same as Tamiya's thinner and while you'll still want to use some ventilation, this thinner is far more family friendly than pure alcohol and more effective for me at least than pure water. The best part is that you can adjust the proportions of each of the four ingredients until you find that perfect mix.

mr color thinner substitute

I didn't try using this mixture for airbrush cleanup as I use Windex window cleaner with ammonia for that job. The Windex doesn't thin the acrylics, it dissolves them and running Windex through the airbrush doesn't leave any foul smells but if your spouse does ask about the smell, tell her you're cleaning your room.

So what about costs? Notice: The appearance of U. Air Force, U.

mr color thinner substitute

Army, U. Navy, U. Marine Corps, U. Cybermodeler Online Celebrating 21 years of hobby news and reviews.I would like to use the Mr. Color line of paints but have no experience with them. What do I use to thin for my airbrush? Color thinner or Mr. Leveling thinner? Mr Leveling Thinner. Mr Color is a lacquer; you may need to spray closer than you're used to.

Spend some time learning to use it, you'll be rewarded with the best possible finish. And it needs to be thinned quite a bit! I usually do a mix of at least thinner-paint. It will be "orange peel" if it's not thinned enough. Leveling Thinner. If you are spraying spider webs you need to thin more. Color has a Replenisher available I've used it with success to bring back some jars that were pretty stiff. I have used it to replenish one jar that wasn't just stiff, but completely dry and cracked!

Broke the paint up into chunks and powder, added replenisher, left for 24 hours. You'd never know it wasn't a brand new pot. Sprayed a dream. Man, I would absolutely love to switch back from acrylics to Mr. A few months ago I was on experimentation mode and used the following for thinning Tamiya and Mr.

Also it is way cheaper. It takes a little longer to dry than the Mr leveling thinner, thou. To affirm Nachjager, Mr. Color is lacquer thinner based so you can use the hardware store generic if it works for you. I got to try some of that Replenisher! Have a few dried up bottles from the seventies to experiment with. The jars I used it with weren't that old; please let me know if it works on paint that old.

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It doesn't seem to work well with other brands, the testors jars I used it with more or less curdled I'm not done trying though I'll give it another go adding drops instead of a small pour like before. I've read where you shouldn't spray enamel over an acrylic coat.

I primered the vertical stab of a super hornet with insignia blue enamel and will finish it with Mr. Color gloss insignia blue. Is it ok to spray a lacquer based paint over an enamel. Yes and no. If enamel is fully cured you shouldn't have a problem unless you lay lacquer on really really wet.

The real problem is that most no one allows enamel to fully cure before moving on with builds. It can take days to a couple of weeks for the enamel to completely cure. Last time I sprayed Mr. Color over enamel it melted in some places Which magazine and what month's issue is your article on the F in?The only one I know you can use it with is Tamiya acrylic paints other than mr. Color paints of course.

Tru-Color thinner substitute?

You can always put some in a mixing cup with a bit of each paint but I bet it will not do anything good with Vallejo. I am inclined to think model master will be no good also.

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Should work fine with Tamiya, a lad and MRP. I love the stuff and use it with any lacquer or acrylic lacquer related paints. I discovered Tamiya lacquer thinner before Gunze leveling thinner and have never needed to try the combo but I bet it works fine.

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Tamiya acrylic reacts beautifully with lacquer thinner, It seems to really break the paint down and I think it produces a noticibly finer finish along with the ability to spray it increadibly thin. I would not put any unknown combination straight into the airbrush without stirring it together in a mixing cup to see what happens first. I have used Gunze leveling thinner in particular with a brand called Zero paint which is for automotive finishes, they specialize in race car paints.

Sometimes their paint wants to dry or otherwise do something nasty before it hits the model. With leveling thinner it never gives me any trouble. However products like Vallejo, and other water based acrylics, i bet will turn to goo.

It works wonders for Alclad primers and I've used it with Model Master Enamel but I've never tried it with their acryl. That's pretty much the case! You can use Mr. Color Thinner Leveling or not, along with the very similar product from Tamiya with just about any lacquer, alcohol, or enamel based paint.

Anything else will have to be tested on a case-by-case basis, which is always a good policy anyway when it comes to unknown combinations. Ones to avoid would be Vallejo, Lifecolor, AK Interactive - in fact, any of those acrylic paints that come in the little eye-dropper bottles.

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For Gunze and Tamiya acrylics, I won't thin them with anything else. I use it to thin my Model Master enamels, works beautifully. You can use it with MRP Paint but, not really necessary, maybe with certain colors.

Alclad colors never used their primers do not need to be thinned what so ever. Color laquers I also use it to thin clear coats as it levels it all nicely Oh, and just to clarify: the number in the product designation in this case simply refers to the size of the bottle in millilitres. So Mr. Color Leveling Thinner is exactly the same stuff, only in a smaller ml bottle. Gents, I am actually in the finishing stages of masking one of the Ps right now to apply the yellow wing bands using, coincidentially enough, Mr Color Yellow.

I think I should have read up on this a bit more! Look at it after a few minutes, and if it's separated or congealed into globs the most likely result of mixing with water based acrylics then don't put it your airbrush.